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KME designs and manufactures thousands of innovative pumper body configurations in a variety of materials to satisfy the needs of your environment as well as your budget.  We understand Pumpers and how corrosion is the enemy of your vehicle.  We offer bodies in Galvanneal Steel, Aluminum, 3CR12 Stainless Steel, and 304L Stainless Steel.

Corrosion is the biggest enemy to fire bodies, and we take extra steps to avoid this by utilizing the same subframe material as the body, as well as installing several isolation barriers, and utilizing a special coated fastener to eliminate dissimilar metal interaction.  The formed construction technique utilized by KME allows for more storage space for the customized tools carried by your department.

Design with Safety in Mind

Whether you are on the way to a scene, working a scene, unloading equipment, or just doing routine maintenance, KME provides a safer solution. With safety in mind KME designs each apparatus to reduce these hazards. A few ways KME addresses these concerns is by lowering weight, creating a lower center of gravity, securely mounting equipment ergonomically, and providing safe and easy access to roof storage

Superior Safety

KME aerials feature a standard electronic motion control system with an easy-to-read color monitor that displays critical information to both operators at the turntable and in the platform. The system also provides cab and body avoidance and short jack operations. All aerials feature the handheld outrigger tether, which allows the operator to safely view all outriggers in motion. In addition, the aerial turntable is designed with plenty of room for the operator, fire personnel and rescued persons to transition onto and off the aerial safely. The KME aerial also features the fire service’s largest heel pin step to provide a safe transition to and from the ladder.

Pumper designs and options to meet your needs

The Flex

The Flex body offers the most customization in the industry, with customized options included as standard.

The Flex body starts off with the deepest compartments in the industry featuring 29” deep compartments in full depth areas, and 14” deep in split depth areas.  The 64” wide fender provides a variety of storage options including but not limited to SCBA cylinders, Wheel Chocks, Absorbent Bins, etc.  The body is fully customizable in four (4) different body materials, and with compartments widths specified down the inch for your requirements.

PRO (Pumper Rescue Optimized) | PUMPER

The PROTM is a multi-purpose response vehicle which addresses the ever changing needs of today’s fire service, with an increased focus on maximizing storage space.

The pumphouse is minimized to consume less space, while the pump controls are placed in an ergonomic location for simplified operations. The PROTM is available in a traditional sidemount configuration, or in an elevated sidemount configuration which places the operator up out of the street for a safer operation with improved visibility.

Uncompromised Pumping Power
The PROTM delivers the best pumping power in its class with ratings up to 2,000gpm. Several pump configurations are available with suctions located on officer side, front, rear, or driver side beneath the cab. Discharges are available in all of the traditional positions, as well as across the front bumper, or beneath the cab seating area.

Storage Space for Two Apparatus
Several body configurations are available in the PROTM series which allows flexibility to configure the apparatus around your departments specific needs. Bodies are available with up to 550 cubic feet of enclosed storage space, allowing you to store the full complement of equipment for a custom pumper and heavy rescue on this single apparatus. With 29” deep compartments the PROTM body can store deeper equipment that many pumpers could not.e, Upgrades and more. Available for immediate deliverye, Upgrades and more. Available for immediate delivery

Rearmount Pumper

KME designed our rear mount pumpers with unrivaled compartmentation capacity packaged in a maneuverable short wheelbase.

Bodies are available in aluminum or stainless steel with a wide range of pump, tank, hosebed, and storage options on either a custom or commercial chassis. Rear mount pump panels are available on either side or in a true rear configuration.

The Rearmount, like all our vehicles, are customizable with a variety of Panel Options, Pre Connected Hose Lines,  Custom Storage Body all in our innovative, intelligent design to offer you the most options and highest level of performance and safety.

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