K9 Truck

First Priority understands the growing need for rapid deployment of resources into crowded urban areas and offers a “Turn Key” solution. Utilizing the maneuverable sport utility vehicle platform, this K-9 Transport vehicle can carry two K-9’s comfortably, three Police Officers, and still have room for additional gear bags, weapons, etc in the rear cargo area. These purpose built vehicles are tough enough to combat the severe conditions of the city streets and last for many years of service.  Units like this have been successfully implemented in major metropolitan cities in the Northeast for use in narcotics enforcement, crowd control, explosive ordinance disposal to name a few.

Key Features include:

  1. K9 Protection System :  RadioTronics “ACE-K9” safety system which includes a temperature monitoring system, Cooling Fan, Audible “S.O.S.” Alerts to notify the officers.
  2. Specialized K-9 Transport Cages:  All Stainless steel construction, dual locking security system, dimensions are approximately 40” Deep x 28” Tall x 24” Wide”
  3. Full LED lighting package:  Cutting Edge light bar, perimeter lighting and programmable rear message board.
  4. Front Grille Guard:  A custom built front grille guard that is coated with Urethane Rhino lining material.



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Posted by Bill Sierchio
on December 18, 2014

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