Bringing The Lab To The Crime Scene With A Mobile CSI Vehicle…

Rear equipment access

Rear equipment access

First Priority Emergency Vehicles, the nation’s fastest growing provider of specialized emergency response vehicles, is proud to offer a solution to the problem of storing and transporting sophisticated equipment to a crime scene investigation.

Many agencies are still carrying basic crime scene equipment in the trunk of their patrol cars. Typical equipment like finger print collection kits, photographic equipment, blood collection and evidence bags are easily stored this way, especially if their budget is tight or they have low crime rates. However, there are drawbacks to storing equipment this way. Often, a scene may require more equipment like extra lighting sources, shelter tents, privacy screens and more. Wouldn’t it be great to have all of this in one vehicle instead of calling in for additional resources and waiting?

Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office of New Jersey is one agency that saw a need for such a vehicle to be used by their Fatal Accident Investigation Squad. This Team is responsible for investigating fatal and serious bodily injury motor vehicle crashes, where criminal recklessness occurs. To perform their mission, an assortment of highly sophisticated measuring tools, photographic equipment, and lighting sources need to be at an arm’s reach and ready to go when the call comes in.

What’s inside

Based on a 2013 Chevrolet Suburban, First Priority added a state of the art electrical system including LED warning lights and scene lights. A collapsible pneumatic lighting mast nests on the roof using a custom fabricated metal platform incorporated into the factory luggage rack. When deployed this mast raises about six feet above the vehicle, then pans and tilts 360 degrees to illuminate anything the Team is working on.

Not all equipment can be powered from the vehicle’s 12 volt electrical system (battery chargers, flood lights, printers, etc). So, a DC to AC inverter was added with a 120 volt electrical system to provide electrical outlets both inside and outside the vehicle.

Side storage access

Side storage access

To store their sensitive equipment, First Priority worked with the agency to create a custom design that worked best for their needs. As always, the materials and workmanship were based on our premiere cabinet line, only customized in layout. First Priority takes pride in filling the niche market with custom solutions, not relying on “cookie cutter” layouts that work for some, but not all.

The cabinet had to be rugged, but also organized. To do this, the outer shell is made from dense MDO plywood finished with a marine grade “ozite” finish. Edges are protected with PVC T-molding to resist chipping and damage. There are five full depth (48”) metal shelves, each made from bent and welded aluminum with stainless steel, high capacity, ball bearing slides containing a special lock in/ out latching system to keep the drawers open or closed securely. In addition to the rear, cabinetry is accessible from the two side door cabinets, replacing second row seats.

Scen lighitng, Light tower

Scene lighting, Light tower

Clearly, having a mobile crime lab benefits the agency by parking the lab right at the scene. Being able to get there quickly, with everything you need at your finger tips is crucial to helping you keep your team focused on the science not the clutter. If your agency is interested in a “Turn Key” solution like this, please contact Larry McEntee, First Priority’s National Sales Manager for the Specialty Vehicle Division toll free at 1-800-526-5106 or by email at For more information.

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on November 23, 2013

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