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Lion has developed a school bus that withstands corrosion by using materials that have already proven themselves for over 25 years in transit and coach industry.

  1. The one-piece composite roof, side panels, front and rear masks and hood make the Lion a corrosion proof bus. The few joints and rivets result in a  no leak body.
  2. The one-piece stepwell, the wheelhouses and the anti-acid battery box and tray offer an unmatched durability and a significant maintenance cost decrease during the life cycle of the bus
  3. No corrosion stepwell. A first in the school bus industry
  4. TPO body skirts resist corrosion, most impacts and are easy to replace




Lion bus safety is second to none

  1. The 20% larger windshield and the most aggressive hood slope offer the best driver visibility of the industry
  2. One-piece galvanized roof bows boxed with a unique steel cap offer optimal body strength
  3. Lion has the only custom made chassis for the school bus industry. Its design offers the widest passenger entrance as well as an unmatched driver comfort
  4. The driver area was custom design for today’s driver. The integrated garbage bin is an example of Lion’s improvement in the driver area


Lion offers the most silent school bus ride of the industry by paying specific attention to the assembly process as well as the materials used.

  1. Best-in-Class components, easy maintenance and 24-hour parts availability
  2. Lion’s chassis includes the Cummins engine and the Allison transmission. The best in the industry







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