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Green Technology

First Priority is proud to bring the nation’s first OEM Type A and Type C Class Electric and CNG school buses.

First Priority Bus Sales is dedicated to being the leading in environmentally friendly pupil transportation solutions. First Priority’s offerings include Type A and C electric school buses, both OEM and aftermarket conversion CNG Type C school buses, and propane school bus applications. In all ways, FPBS is dedicated to cost effective, environmentally friendly bus solutions.

FPBS features the eLion, it is the first fully electric OEM Type “C” school bus in North America which also innovatively combines the aerodynamic corrosion proof composite body. FPBS also features the only OEM Type “C” CNG fueled school bus in America. We also sell OEM propane fueled buses.

For Type “A” buses, FPBS features the Trans Tech SSTe model. It is the first fully electric OEM Type “A” school bus in North America which also innovatively combines an aerodynamic design with composite body components.


The Time is now:

California is leading the charge with an ambitious effort to curb greenhouse gases, Gov. Jerry Brown has set a new target to reduce emissions 40% by the year 2030. State officials said it would require accelerated development of renewable energy and alternative fuel sources, and getting more electric cars and zero-emission heavy-duty trucks on the road.

Additionally the ZEV (Zero-emissions Vehicles) Action plan will :

  • • Provide higher rebate amounts and incentives for purchase of ZEV for public and private fleets
  • • Improve state programs that encourage vehicle retirement and replacement of highly-polluting vehicles with ZEVs or other low-pollution transportation options
  • • Provide funding to Lower-Emission School Bus Program to provide ZEV replacement school buses
  • • Expand the use of zero-emission buses in public transportation
  • • Consider setting a target number of zero emission buses in public, private, and school fleets by 2020
  • • Support electric school bus deployments in low-income, urban school districts throughout California
  • • Expand regulatory and funding support for zero-emission public transit and necessary infrastructure benefiting disadvantaged and low and moderate income communities and develop a lasting program that builds ZEV buses in local public transit fleets



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