Demers Quality:

When you’re in the business of saving lives, you have every right to insist on a top-quality ambulance—the kind that helps you do your job better in a hundred different ways. When you’re in business, it’s imperative to find top value for your investment. Demers ambulances are some of the toughest on the road, with a design and details that not only contribute to a safer, smarter workplace, but also to the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. Demand the best—for your people and for your bottom line.

4 Key Elements contributing to the low cost of ownership:

  1. Idle-Reduction System – up to 40% reduction in fuel consumption - Powered by the DEMS (Demers Electrical Management System), the Demers ECOSmart system creates an intelligent, super-efficient anti-idling engine—an innovation that delivers automatic fuel savings of $1,500–$2,000 a year, or a reduction in fuel consumption of over 40%. That’s almost 4.5 tonnes fewer CO2 emissions per vehicle, per year.
  2. Aerodynamic Roof Design – up to 14% Savings in Fuel Costs - The head-turning aerodynamic lines of a Demers ambulance aren’t just cool to look at, they can save up to a cool 14% in fuel costs and up to 21% in maintenance costs, depending on the ambulance type and model. Every Demers ambulance is equipped standard with this signature aerodynamic roof design, with incorporated LED warning lights for enhanced safety.
  3. Cabinetry construction of lightweight materials - Even a pothole can cause harm when the inside of an ambulance is all sharp corners. Over time, most wood cabinetry deteriorates, rattles and lowers the resale value. So all Demers ambulances, Type II included, have cabinetry construction of lightweight materials combining Demers-exclusive “Interlock” rounded aluminum extrusion with modular fiberglass cabinet inserts, shatterproof Lexan doors and aluminum panels. The result: a safer work environment, a long-lasting interior, better fuel economy and optimal resale value.
  4. Live web troubleshooting & support - Instance assistance & lower maintenance costs - For emergency vehicles, the less downtime the better—and Demers’ solution is both unique and ingenious. Every Demers ambulance is equipped with a standard Multiplex Demers Electronic Management System (DEMS) that offers full operational flexibility to easily customize the vehicle’s electronic functions for specific needs. If a dealership is too far away, or if a service technician needs support, a Demers specialist can access the system remotely and service the vehicle’s electronic systems virtually anywhere in the world. In fact, Demers is the only manufacturer that can remotely access the customer’s Multiplex system in the ambulance to diagnose, download and repair the system through the web if necessary.

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